The people who run the Opry were watching and

Everything is good. Had 10 points in 10 games before he was hurt in a game against Los Angeles. Not long after, Tarasenko had surgery on his left shoulder.. On a Sunday, there is a flower market11 on Columbia Road. The core of the market is good fun, and very crowded, the shops along it, and in the side streets and yards, have been beamed in from Camden Lock12 and are, perhaps, becoming a little earnest. During the week, it is curiously dead.

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A comprehensive guideis available from thevimeowebsite.Videos are too large to email so will need to be uploaded to BMJ’s account on theHightailwebsite. Please include thejournal’s name and your manuscript ID numberin the message field this will enable us to match your video to your paper. Your video needs to be received by the time that you return the corrections for your article proof, at the very latest.

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